Fall Fire Danger

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According to fire officials...the blaze started near a shooting range on private property…Sunday's warm temperatures and erratic winds fueled the fire that burned through mostly scrub oak.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause and fire experts hope the fire serves as a reminder that wildfires can happen any time of year.

"In Colorado at any time of the year it can be hot and dry enough for fires especially before there's any snow on the ground," Said fire PIO Andy Lyon.

And people who have been in the mountains lately say they've definitely noticed how dry it is.

"If somebody throws a cigarette out the window up near Vail over I-70 its going to take that whole forest out...its so dry,” Said Terry Rich.

For many this Fall fire danger may come as a surprise since we did see a lot of rain this summer...but that may be exactly why it is in fact so dry.

"We got a lot of rain but what that rain means is that there is now a lot of tall, dry grass and weeds and we're just ripe for more fires...encourage people wherever they live to be careful," Lyon said.

Now officials remind that you take all the necessary precautions this time of year just like you would during the summer.