Bailey Pays Tribute To Emily Keyes

The town of Bailey continues to grieve over the death of 16 year old Emily Keyes. Though difficult, the students of Platte Canyon High School will soon have to return to the place where Emily lost her life. It was announced Sunday that students will be back in school Thursday, more than a week after the shooting. Educators said that they wanted to take things slowly, to give staff and students the chance to deal with losing Emily.
Platte Canyon Community Church in Bailey is packed this Sunday. Perhaps with people looking for comfort.
A small memorial of notes, flowers, and a donation jar for the Keyes family has been set up at Emily's work.
Signs asking for prayer, and pink ribbons saying random acts of kindness for Emily are everywhere. All different ways the town of Bailey has chosen to grieve.
Eventually the signs will change, the ribbons will fall, but some of Emily's classmates, and a mother with a broken heart, have chosen a more permanent tribute a tattoo with Emily's initials. A permanent physical reminder, of a young life tragically stolen and of a girl that will always have a place in the hearts of this community.