Neighborhood Speeding

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Colorado Springs city engineers have come up with a solution to neighborhood speeding.

It's a portable speed hump. The new experimental device is different from the traditional speed bump. It's 14 feet long and three inches high, and made from recycled tires.

While a traditional speed bump, like those found in may parking lots, are designed to make a car slow down to about 5 miles per hour, the portable speed hump is designed to make cars slow down to about 25 miles per hour, or neighborhood speed.

Right now, the city doesn't plan to use the black rubber speed humps on a permanent basis. That's because they don't stand up well to snow plows and sweeps.

The city will soon have four of these portable humps to try out in neighborhoods. They cost about 45 hundred dollars each.

A permanant speed hump costs about 2 thousand, but city engineers say they can move the temporary ones to any part of the city, and used them over and over again.