Racist Fliers

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Law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into racist fliers delivered to homes throughout Eagle County.

Media reports say the fliers showed up in plastic bags on doorsteps throughout the county Tuesday morning. The bags were weighted down with rocks.

The fliers carry the headline, quote, "Don't Have Sex With Blacks---Avoid AIDS." The Eagle Police Department reportedly received several calls about the fliers.

FBI spokeswoman Ann Atanasio says the agency is aware of the fliers and is monitoring the situation, but is taking no further action for now. Atanasio says the fliers don't contain any threats, and that the tactic is commonly used by a group calling itself the National Alliance.

Eagle is where NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant, who is black, was recently arrested for sexual assault. He goes back to court for a preliminary hearing in October.

National Alliance has sent out similar messages in Pueblo and Colorado Springs in recent months.