Family Emergency Assistance Center Opens On Post

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Losing a loved one in combat is something no family should have to endure. But it’s become a reality for many husbands, wives and children of soldiers based at Fort Carson. For that reason, the post has set up a support system for the family of soldirs to help them cope with such an overwhelming loss.

The Family Emergency Assistance Center opened at noon Monday. It’s mission is to help families who have loved ones hurt or killed in Iraq. Jil Nugin is from the Family Advocacy Program, “Sometimes questions like how do I talk to my children. What kind of things can I expect them to do. Questions about grieving and mourning.”

Here familes not only get emotional help, but can get information about relief programs, loans and grants along with childcare and support groups.

The Assistance Center only opens when there’s been five or more soldier casualties on post. It will stay open until its serves are no longer required.