You May Have Unclaimed Money or Property Waiting For You

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Need some money? Well, the government may have some for you. The state of Colorado is trying to give back $450-million to more than one-million people. It's all unclaimed money and property.

"Really?" said Kevin McCullough, a Colorado resident.

The website you can go to and check is,

It's like the state's lost and found. You put in your name, your town and if something pops up you'll see one of three things: Amount is under $50, over $50 or unknown which means, property.

"That sounds really cool," said Alicia Hays, a Colorado resident.

"This is a goldmine," said Chelsea Howard who is also a Colorado resident.

Lots of people are already trying it out. Sometimes the website will bring up an error message. "There's a high volume, please try again," said McCullough. "Which obviously means other people are trying to do this too," said Hays.

But when the line opened up, we asked some people to take a look and see if they had money or property waiting for them. "No match found," said Howard. "No match found," said Hays. "Nothing," said McCullough.

At least they tried and maybe better luck next time. "You probably should check regularly," said McCullough.

There is a strict verifying process and in case you're wondering, the smallest amount claimed was for three-cents and the biggest claim was for one-million-dollars.

The state releases new names around this time every year. The Denver Post published the newest names in their Sunday edition.

You also have an unlimited amount of time to claim what's yours.

State Treasurer Cary Kennedy says the state returned more than $22-million last year and is on pace to return nearly $30-million this year.