Residents Speak Out About Water Restrictions

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A lot of residents in the Cherokee District are not only upset about the fact they can't water...they say despite the shortage they have seen a lot of new development in this area.

And some newcomers to the district say they were mislead about the shortages when they bought their homes.

"I was assured by this district that there wasn't going to be a water shortage...there was going to be water for years to come, " Said one resident.

But instead there's not enough water...and some want to know why there continues to be more development.

"If you don't have adequate water supply in the district you annex through the city and if the city is out you don't grow…you don't build," said resident Karl Raymond.

The board says all the new development was approved years ago by a previous board and currently no new developers have been allowed to use their water supply.

"You have to bring it to us if you want to develop in our district,” Said board member Robert Lovato.

But water users are still unsure about the future.

"They have no idea how they are going to supply water...they've overcommited and now they're just trying to get the money and get as much revenue as possible into the district,” said Raymond.

The board says the current restrictions are only temporary and they are optimistic they will have more water for their users by next Spring.
They say there are also plans to build a waste water treatment plant which would be used to recycle water.