Home Invasion Developments

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Colorado Springs Police are investigating 2 reported home invasions that may not turn out to be home invasions after all. One took place last Wednesday when a woman claimed she was stabbed by an intruder. The second happened on Thursday. A husband and wife say they found a man inside their home.

Police say in both instances the alleged victims’ stories just aren't adding up.

Just off of Templeton Gap and Austin Bluffs, neighbors said it's usually pretty quiet. So you can imagine their fear, last Wednesday, when there were several cop cars here and a K-9 unit looking for an alleged suspect. But, after 5 hours of searching, police told us they began to spot inconsistencies in the woman's story. We tried talking with the alleged victim about what happened that afternoon, but no answer. Neighbors tell us they started to become skeptical. Grace said, "I thought it was unusual (for the suspect) to pick that house when there are so many other houses."

Just a few miles away off of Peterson and North Carefree, the very next night, the couple who lives in the house said a strange man appeared inside their child's room. But, police said the 2 were giving different versions of what they claim happened. Again, a K-9 unit spent hours, looking for an alleged suspect on the loose and putting neighbors on edge. Joyce said, "I'm scared. You never know..." We tried to talk with the couple, but the husband said, “We don’t care to talk about it.”

Police haven't released too many more details since these cases are both under investigation, but like any case, there could be charges filed for false reporting to police.

No matter what these crimes turn out to be, police said it's a good reminder to all residents to stay vigilant. Home invasions are up 74% from last year. But also note, in the majority of those cases, police said there is usually a link between the suspect and the victim.