3,000 Show to Show Support For Fallen Officer

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More than 3,000 people came from all over the country to pay their respects, to the Aurora Police detective who lost his life to a senseless act of violence.

"Our hearts are broken, but he would want us to honor what he believed, celebrate the life he enjoyed."

Thousands in uniform came to Aurora to do just that. To celebrate the life of Aurora Police Detective Mike Thomas.

"We seem to lose the very best, Mike Thomas was the very best."

There was a sea of red and blue flashing lights from the hundreds of law enforcement vehicles crammed in the parking lot. Representing the outpouring of support from law enforcement, for one of their own.

A fleet of Colorado Springs Police Officers came to pay their respects; they lost one of their own, just months ago.

"Of course we had Jared Jensen in February, and it hits close, " says Colorado Springs Police Officer Erwin Paladino. "Anytime you lose an officer it hits real close to all of us."

"Each loss feels more painful than the last; it’s more painful every time."
For those who knew him, Mike was a great, noble and humble man.

"Mike would have said get back to work, don't make such a fuss."

But that didn't stop 3,000 people, from rising to their feet, in his honor.

The officers we spoke with were deeply affected by the loss of the detective. They say it reminded them to take a little more time to appreciate their loved ones.

The suspect, Brian Allen Washington, has already been charged with murder.

Detective Mike Thomas was shot and killed last week while sitting in his personal car at an intersection. Twenty-seven-year-old Brian Allen Washington was arrested soon afterward and has been charged with first-degree murder in his death.

Thomas was not in uniform at and police haven't said why Thomas was targeted or whether Washington knew he was a police officer.

Washington is also accused of shooting a woman who was stopped at an intersection in Denver. She ducked and was not hurt.