U.S. Relaxes Airplane Liquid Ban

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Effective Tuesday you can carry on some toiletry items...three ounces to be exact...Including liquids like shampoo and toothpaste…but they must fit in one quart-sized ziplock bag that is clear plastic and has a zip top.

Travelers are elated the TSA is finally making a change that makes flying a bit easier.

"I'm really glad they've re-thought it and can still keep us safe," said one passenger.

All liquids and gels were banned a month ago after a terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives on planes was uncovered.

Now...after extensive research...the TSA is easing restrictions…along with one 3-ounce bag of toiletries you can also carry on any liquid item that is purchased after you pass through security...including beverages.

"In this case they've gone through an extensive process of looking at the issue of liquids on an aircraft and have determined that there are items that will be acceptable and don't pose a risk to the aircraft," said John Mcginley, Assistant Director of Aviation at the Colorado Springs airport.

But some experts still feel the changes won't prevent terrorists from attacking airplanes.

"Trained terrorists who don't care about their own lives or mine will get this stuff through. They just take, you know, 12 bottles of Grecian formula and put three ounces of something in it, mix it on the other side and kaboom," said Aviation Expert Michael Boyd.

Airport officials say you can expect these new changes to increase delays in security…but officials say to help out make sure you pack as much as possible in your checked luggage and pay very close attention to what you can carry on.