Bigfoot Sighting in Southern Colorado, or Recent Hoax?

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Is Bigfoot walking around your backyard? A recent visitor to the Monument area is sharing what she captured on video, and saw with her own eyes.

A choppy, 15-second video clip depicts a typical day on Palmer Ridge, until things get interesting along the treeline.

A shadowy figure saunters into the frame, long arms swinging by his side.

Reportedly, it's Bigfoot making a brief appearance near Monument.

"Never did believe it until I saw it for myself," said Denise Plante. She spotted the big guy during a recent barbecue.

"We heard a noise, and thought maybe we should take a closer look," Plante said.

11 News showed the video that's been posted online to residents in the area.

"I saw something move," said Kathy. "I seriously doubt it's bigfoot."

It's a hard sell for some.

"I don't think it's him. I've seen him. He's a little shorter," said Jim, an El Paso County resident.

Others could at least be swayed.

"That was him! I saw his long hair!" said Jim's son Finn.

Despite compelling video, and a telltale footprint, the whole thing boils down to two words.

"April Fool's!" Plante said.

Plante thought up the gag for her gig as a morning talk host on Denver's KOSI 101, choosing a southern Colorado setting by doing some homework.

"A lot of people have witnessed bigfoot at Pikes Peak, they claim," she said.

That part of the bigfoot story is true. Bigfoot researchers conducted expeditions in Colorado as recently as last August. But do believers think it's possible he spends time further downhill?

"I think it's cool!" said Cassie, who lives near Monument.

The whole truth may still be out there.

"We've been here a long time and I haven't met him yet," said Cassie's mom. "But I'd like to."

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