New Ranch For Injured Soldiers

After nearly losing his life in 1969, one Vietnam vet has set out to help change the lives of injured soldiers returning from Iraq.
Dave Roever was nearly killed in Vietnam when a phosphorus grenade blew up six inches from his ear. Since then he has toured the world sharing his story as a motivational speaker. This man who turned his tragedy into triumph and now is planning to teach others to do the same.
Roever is building a ranch near Westcliffe, that will be a place for solider that have been badly disfigured or lost limbs to get a new lease on life. Roever is a motivational speaker and will be training others to following in his footsteps.
The ranch is called Eagle Summit Ranch and is a 260 acre valley where these soldiers will spend several days at a time, while taking online courses through a university in Texas. They will be able to earn up to 12 hours of college credit at the ranch while at the same time readjusting to life with their new injuries.
None of the soldiers that come to the Eagle Summit Ranch will be expected to pay a dime. Roever makes good money touring the world and they entire cost for the project will be covered by his organization.
The ranch is scheduled to open September 1st, 2007.