Colorado Springs Takes on Mosquitoes

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People living in the Old North End of Colorado Springs are being warned about a large concentration of mosquito larva. And that could be a "hot" breeding ground for the West Nile Virus.

The area of concern is bordered by Nevada, Cache la Poudre, Wood and Fillmore. A resident alerted health officials about the unusually large number of mosquitoes spotted in the area.

Public Works employees then determined, the mosquitoes were living and breeding in standing water that has collected in the storm sewers. On Friday night, crews plan to go around and drop chlorine tablets into the sewers to try and kill off the mosquitoes and their larvae. The chemical does not pose a health threat to humans or animals.

Twelve new cases of West Nile Virus were reported Friday in the state. That brings the total number to 166. So far, 4 of those cases have proved deadly. No new West Nile cases were reported in Southern Colorado.