Bear Strolls Through Manitou

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A black bear was spotted several different times near downtown Manitou Springs Sunday.

Police and the Division of Wildlife spent most of the afternoon searching for the bear after he was spotted near Monument Park. The bear went in to a backyard of Ute Trail, then came around the back of the house and crawled on to the deck. He then made his way off the roof of the garage and took off down the street, checking trash cans for food along the way.

The Division of Wildlife says it's not uncommon to see bears in the city limits this time of year. They also say the bears aren't terribly dangerous, and it's very unusual for them to attack a person.

Now some people who saw the bear told us that he has a green tag in each ear. The division of wildlife says that means this bear has been marked for being a nuisance in town before and if he continues and is caught there is a good chance he would have to be put down.

Bears here in Colorado only get two strikes.