Cosmix Backs Up Nevada Avenue

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The problem is because of the Cosmix construction drivers are forced to not only merge onto Nevada into one lane but they also have to merge again just a few feet up the road just to get onto 1-25.

It’s a major traffic nightmare and it's not going away anytime soon and drivers who get on the interstate here are getting plain fed up.

"It's have to wait like an hour just to come this far,” Said one driver.

And there are times during rush hour that the line of cars seems to go on forever.

“It was backed up for a long ways, probably three or four miles," another driver told us.

Cosmix spokesperson Bill Badger says the problem here got really bad two weeks ago when they eliminated a third lane on I-25 between Nevada and Woodman.

"There was a third lane that was a long on and off ramp...we shifted traffic to the East and its down to two lanes in this area," Badger said.

He says the lane reduction is necessary so they can pave the area in the median…and if you're looking for some relief on your drive, it's not coming, this spot will stay the way it is…for months.

"This is not going to go away for awhile...we will have varying degrees of the length of the merge pattern but its not going to go away pretty much until the Summer of 2007," Badger says.

He says congestion at this trouble-spot is also only partly to blame for the major northbound back-up on the Interstate...He says the I-25 mess is a combination of the entire Cosmix project…and drivers can’t wait to see it end.

A similar problem is also going on between Cimarron and Bijou...a third lane in that area was closed just a few days ago and project leaders says they expect congestion to increase there in the very near future