Barton Fired

(Denver-AP) -- The U-S Forest Service confirms today they have
fired Terry Barton, the woman charged with starting the Hayman

Spokesman Lynn Young says Barton was informed of her termination
last week in a letter. It was effective June 22nd.

Young says Barton was fired because of her conduct. He wouldn't
elaborate because of the ongoing investigation into the fire --
which has burned 137 thousand acres and destroyed 133 homes.

Barton has pleaded innocent to charges she started the Hayman
fire, allegedly while burning a letter from her estranged husband.
She was indicted by a federal jury and released from jail to a
halfway house on Thursday.

Barton family spokeswoman Connie Work says the termination is
just -- quote -- ``one more big blow'' in the investigation. Her
family hopes Barton can be reinstated if she's found innocent,
saying Barton loved her job.