Coloradans Head to California to Assist With Wildfires

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The Red Cross is getting calls from people concerned about their loved ones in California. The Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross says they’ve already received a few phone calls, but they’re expecting more as the death toll from the California wildfires continues to rise.

For people concerned about relatives or friends in California, some of the lines go through the Red Cross. Ann Reich is a case worker, and she says most of the people have the same question. “Well, I do have a family member. Do you know if they’re in the area where the fires are?”

With several thousand people evacuated from their homes and seeking shelter, the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Red Cross may be sending help. “Our people are being put on stand-by right now and are checking their availability to go.”

Ann Carlisle-Holcomb, the CEO of the organization says there’s a good chance 3 to 5 volunteers from her chapter will be making the trip into the fire zone. More will be sent out if the fires get worse. They will serve as kitchen and shelter staff, nurses and mental health workers.

Fire engines and volunteer firefighters from Pueblo and Fort Collins are also on their way to California.

The 302nd Airlift Wing is also preparing to be deployed. Their MAFFS unit has fought fires in Colorado Wyoming and South Dakota in the past year alone.