Charitable Organizations Join Forces

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As the holiday season approaches, our attention turns to charity and giving. And those involved directly with helping the less fortunate say, the people in the Pikes Peak region are very generous for the months of November and December. But the, the giving almos stops. So, some no-profit groups are getting together to try to change that.

The concept is called “Christmas All Year”. And it’s a simple idea that could help thousands in our community. All it takes is a little shift in the way we think about how we give.

Brenda Garcia knows what it’s like to be homeles.. But thanks to the Interfaith Hospitality Network, this year is different. “I’ve gone from homeless to being able to search for work and having a place to live. Bought a vehicle. Things are looking up.”

People like Brenda need help year-round. Not just at the hoidays. Bill Lucas with the Ecumenical Social Ministries says, “If we all work together, we can cover the city and we can cover the needs of the low income people in the city.”

And that’s the idea behind “Christmas All Year”. To get local non-profit agencies working together to help those who need it, and not duplicate the efforts. Also, they want to get people who donate their time and their money to do it 12 months out of the year. Not Just two.

People who need food need to eat every day. And keeping the Care and Share food bank shelves full is a 365 day a year effort.

Right now, four non-profit agencies are working together at this “Christmas All Year” concept.

They are the Interfaith Hospitatlity Network, Ecumenical Social Ministries, American Red Cross and the Care and Share food bank. Those agencies invite other to join their year-round efforts to help those less fortunate.