Colorado Lags in Children's Immunizations

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A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that Colorado is last in the nation in the number of kids getting several key childhood immunizations. Only 62% of Colorado children got vaccines for polio and measles—That's the lowest percentage in the country.

Health departments across the state, including here in El Paso County, are constantly educating parents on the importance of early childhood shots. And with school starting soon, this is the busiest time of the year for the immunization clinics.

Even though the statewide numbers are bad, El Paso County health officials say their numbers are still high. All children entering Kindergarten must be immunized, and many parents are bringing in their little ones to get their shots up-to-date. "I don't want him to bring home anything from any other child---not knowing what they might have," says parent Desiree Velasquez. She says she believes strongly in the importance of getting these shots.

And despite the low Colorado numbers, nationwide, the number of children getting immunizations is at an all-time high. Health experts say vaccines are some of the best tools for fighting childhood disease. "The vaccines are effective, and it's done its part to make that not as much as a concern as it was, say, a hundred years ago," says El Paso County Immunization Program Manager Diane Ashton.

The EL Paso County Health Department wants people to know that you do need an appointment before you come to the immunization clinic. They say, that's so they can spend more time with each family individually.


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