Same Sex Marriages

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A day after President Bush spoke out against same sex marriage, the Vatican has repeated it's stance on the issue.

A Vatican panel is issuing a 12 page set of guidelines with the Pope's approval.

They're warning Catholic politicians that supporting same-sex unions is "gravely immoral".

The guidelines are to stop the increase in laws granting legal rights to homosexual unions in Europe and North America.

It also shows the vatican is strongly against allowing gay couples to adopt, saying children raised by same-sex parents face "obstacles".

A small group of demonstrators gathered at St. Peter's Square in Vatican city, to protest the document.

The decision has brough criticism across Europe and the U.S.

People in Southern Colorado 11 News spoke with weren't surprised by the Vatican's stance on the subject.

Gay and Lesbian groups say it's their civil right to be able to marry whomever they choose.

Some Catholics say while homosexuals shouldn't be discriminated against or looked at as sinful or wrong, their actions within their union is not as God intended.

On Wednesday, President Bush said he was against same sex marriages.

All of the major democratic presidential candidates are also against same sex marriages, but are in favor of "civil unions" for homosexuals.