Controversial Monument

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Matthew Shepard died in a Fort Collins, Colorado hospital in 1998 after being beaten and tied to a fence in Wyoming because of his sexual orientation.

The Reverend Fred Phelps says he wants to put a monument denouncing Shepard in a Casper park because it's where Shepard, in Phelps' words, learned it was "OK to be gay."

Phelps says the existence of a Ten Commandments monument in the park means all monuments must be allowed.

A spokeswoman for Shepard's mother, Judy, says ``The Shepards and the entire community of Casper have chosen to confront Mister Phelps' reprehensible behavior with silence.''

The Casper City Council has scheduled a special meeting to decide the fate of the Ten Commandments monument.

The meeting is scheduled for Oct. 28.