Children Flying Alone

It's the summer travel season, and many parents are putting their childen on airplanes, to visit grandparents or other relatives.

The airlines follow guidelines to make sure the kids arrive safely, but sometimes mistakes are made. That happened to one mother and son here in Colorado Springs. Last Friday, Kristy Peterson put her 10 year old son, Cody, on a plane so he could visit his grandparents in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although Cody arrived okay, but, was not escorted off the plane by a flight attendent as Kristy had discussed with the airline, but rather by a stranger. After Kristy reported the incident, Allegiant Air admitted their mistake, and refunded the $50, they charge to escort children

There are steps parents can take to make sure their children are as safe as possible when they're flying alone. First, parents must fill out all the required paperwork, and make sure the person dropping them off and picking them up both have gate passes. Secondly, make sure to carefully discuss procedures with airline employees. And finally, when you drop your child off, wait until the plane takes off before you leave.