4-Year-Old Found Walking By Herself On Busy Street

It was a scary situation for one family and a daycare worker after a 4-year-old wandered off and was found in the middle of the street blocks away from the daycare.

The little girl was found near Eastmeadow and Canoe Creek, not far from South Academy and Highway 115 on the southwest end of Colorado Springs.

Police say the child slipped away from the daycare worker while they were parked in the driveway at Teach and Tumble, a home-based daycare. The daycare worker, according to police, ran inside the home to use the restroom. While she was inside, the girl reportedly got out of the car and took off on her own.

Based on a witness account, a woman spotted the child walking along the street by herself Friday afternoon, and stopped to help. Soon after, more onlookers stopped and the police were called.

Officers found the daycare worker looking for the little girl. The girl was soon reunited with her mother.

Police say the daycare worker is not facing any charges.