4 Arrested After Shots Go Off In Springs Neighborhood

A quiet night was shattered as gunshots went off in a Springs neighborhood early Monday.

Police have now arrested for men in connection with this crime.

Officers were called to Pruess Road, near Fountain and Union, just after 3 a.m. after residents reported hearing shots fired. Witnesses reported seeing the suspects shooting a gun out of the window of a white Astro van.

After getting to the scene, police say they spotted the van and pulled it over. The four men inside were arrested after questioning. They are 21 year-old Robert Holt, 26 year-old Patrick Gonzalez, 27 year-old Nick Gonzalez Jr., and 35 year-old Miguel Baeza.

Police say they also found a gun inside the van.

The suspects face several charges, including weapons-related charges and drunk driving charges.