Humpty Dumpty Statue Stolen

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A 200-pound statue of Humpty Dumpty is missing from downtown Colorado Springs. Police say the artwork was stolen sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. It's the third large piece to disappear from the "Art on the Streets" program over the past five years.

Humpty Dumpty no longer sits on the wall at the corner of Bijou and Tejon. The statue is one of 19 recently added to downtown---on-loan from artists around the country for the "Art on the Streets" program. "The piece is so distinctive that whoever took it is gonna have a hard time concealing it and someone's gonna tell on them, " says Program Sponsor Dave Kosley.

Humpty Dumpty isn't the first piece to be stolen. Over the past five years, two others disappeared. One did mysteriously return, but the other has never been found.

Obviously, some pieces of artwork, like a large bench on Pikes Peak, are harder to steal than others. That's why members of the Downtown Business Improvement District are trying to come up with ways to keep the smaller pieces of artwork safe. "It may be that we actually ask the artist to braise or weld their pieces to a piece of steel that I then attach them to whatever I attach them to," says Kosley. Program sponsors may also have some workers switch up their shifts. They say the more people outside overnight, the more eyes to keep a lookout on the artwork.

The "Art on the Streets" program is not in any jeopardy of being ended---too many people enjoy it. The city and the program sponsors do have insurance to cover thefts like this one, but they hope Humpty Dumpty will soon be returned.

If you have any information on who may have stolen the sculpture, call in your anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers. The number is 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.