Preliminary Hearing

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A Colorado prosecutor says he's confident a judge will find probable cause to order NBA star Kobe Bryant to stand trial for sexual assault.

Bryant's preliminary hearing ended Wednesday afternoon in Eagle with no word on whether he'll face trial.

Judge Frederick Gannett says he hopes to issue a decision by Monday on whether to bind Bryant over for trial.

If he issues that order, the case will go to district court, where Bryant will be advised of the charge again and bond will be reiterated.

Bryant could also face arraignment at that time.

Prosecutor Mark Hurlbert says he's been in contact with the alleged victim and her family and says they're doing fine.

Meantime, Bryant's defense team says they have ''compelling evidence'' that he's innocent. And they say prosecutors are ignoring it.

According to defense lawyers, tests on the underpants worn by Bryant's accuser found ''other substances'' from a ''source'' other than Bryant. Those details were released in a court filing.

Bryant has admitted that he had sex with the 19-year-old who worked at a resort where he was staying. But he says the sex was consensual.

On the first day of the hearing last week, defense lawyers suggested that the woman may have had multiple sex partners in the days before the alleged assault.