Toddler Survives Three Story Fall

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A toddler is now at home after falling out of a three story apartment window. She made away with only scraps and a bruised lung.

KKTV 11 news spoke with the mother exclusively. Apparently, Brianna was visiting her uncle’s apartment with her parents. The three year old managed to sneak out of her mom's eyesight for just a split second… enough time to walk to her uncle's apartment window, which is just a foot off the ground. The next thing Deidra Steele remembers is hearing her daughter scream from down below. "The screen was gone and she had falled down to the ground from 3 stories up. She was just laying there. I ran downstairs and when I saw her, I fainted."

It was perhaps the longest few minutes of Deidra's life. Seeing her daughter lying unconscience, and then suddenly getting up and running to her mother's arms. "It just happened so quick, boom, boom."

Doctors said Brianna already appears back to normal. Deidra says it's one of the scariest days of her life, but she hopes their story reminds parents that even having a screen on your window, doesn't stop children. Brianna's 23 pounds managed to push through it. "Just keep an eye on your kids; they can get into stuff. They're so fast, you gotta keep a good eye on them."

When you meet this little blue eyed toddler, she's just a happy little girl. Brianna is probably too young to understand that she has a few guardian angels. "Just plain lucky. I don't know what else to say, just plain lucky."

Police said this was completely accidental and the parents don't face any charges. The whole family is still a little shaken up. The uncle moved out of the apartment today.