Crime Stoppers Needs Your Help

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It helps keep you and your family safe. In the Pikes Peak region alone, 150 crimes were solved last year, thanks to Crime Stoppers, but now the organization is facing serious financial trouble.

Cops rely on the tips that come into Crime Stoppers. Tips like the one that led to the arrest of Tommy Kinslow's alleged killer. He was gunned down in front of his home on November 22nd. Police had no leads until a tip came in that lead to the arrest of Gabriel Gonzales.

"Relief that they had someone and that his killer was not free," Pam Kinslow, Tommy’s mom said. It was just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of Crime Stoppers tips that come in each year. But now, the organization is hurting for money to stay afloat. Cari Karns with Crime Stoppers said, "If we don't have money for awards, if we can’t pay for the after hours service, then we lose calls after 5pm, and we lose the incentive people have to respond to awards."

Crime Stoppers needs to come up with thousands of dollars by December. They won't close down entirely, but they'll have to make drastic cuts. "People want to feed the homeless, they want to give to puppies, but fighting crime isn't a glorious opportunity to give dollars to."

Police say without Crime Stoppers, Tommy Kinslow's murder could've gone unsolved, and his family would've never had any kind of closure. “Not knowing what happened or who did it… I can't imagine going on like that. It would be awful," Pam said.

Police are still looking for additional suspects in Kinslow's murder. If you have any information about the crime, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.

If you would like to donate to Crime Stoppers, return to our homepage and click on the Crime Stoppers tab. There you'll find a link to their homepage, where you can donate.