County Urges Absentee Ballots

Decision 2006
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If you're going to the polls in November, be ready for a long read. El Paso County Election Officials say this year's ballot is one of the longest and most complicated ever.

"This is about as long as they get," said El Paso County Clerk Bob Balink. "This is an 18-inch ballot, the font size is either a 6 or a 7."

And you've got just 10 minutes to fill it out. If you don't complete it in that time, you may be asked to exit the poll if there are waiting voters, according to Colorado Revised Statute 1-7-115.

"We might have to enforce that law, but we hope not to do that," said Balink.
In a test, it took the average voter 12 minutes to complete this year's ballot; that's 2 minutes over the limit. It's why Balink is urging voters to request absentee ballots. So far about 39,000 voters have responded, including Matt Tannehill.

"The only way I vote is through absentee ballot," said Tannehill. "That way I get time to research it and fill it out while I sit at home."

Elections officials will mail out the first round of absentee ballots October 6. You can get an absentee ballot request form at the County Clerk's Office or click on the link bellow for a form you can mail in.,frameless.htm