CU Student Gets E-Coli

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The results of tests due tomorrow may tell if an E.-coli case at the University of Colorado at Boulder is related to a multistate outbreak in which people who ate raw, packaged spinach.

School officials say a male CU graduate student, Michael Wilking, who lives off campus got the sickness last weekend after eating bagged spinach.

"Right now of course the main suspect is spinach. I eat spinach quite a bit and I was definitely was eating it during the time when I would have been infected," said Michael Wilking.

School officials say another student also is having symptoms. All bagged spinach has been removed from campus dining halls and facilities.

Mark Salley of the Colorado health department says the department is expecting results of a Gunnison E.-coli case today.

He says specimens from a third reported case out of Denver County are being sent to the department, but he was NOT sure when they would be arriving.

At least 109 people nationwide have been sickened with e.-coli. A 77-year-old woman has died while health officials in Ohio are investigating the death of a 23-month-old girl.

E.-coli, commonly present in animal manure, causes diarrhea. Most healthy adults can recover although some can develop a form of kidney failure that is fatal.