Winterizing Your Furnace

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The number one concern with furnaces is to make sure there are no carbon monoxide or gas leaks, that’s why experts say its important to have your furnace serviced before you crank up the heat.

Brandi Walters returned home from a weekend away and was shocked at how cold her house was.

"We got home and it was 65 degrees in the house, it was freezing and with the new baby we had to put the furnace on," She said.

And as temperatures continue to fall overnight... there are few things you should do before you fire up your furnace.

"Be aware...get the filters changed at least and we'd recommend having it serviced at least looked at even if its just a safety check...that way everybody's safe," said Jared Ledford, Service Manager at Service Engineering.

Ledford says included in that safety check is making sure there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks…and if there is a leak make sure you know how to shut the gas off.

Ledford also says once your furnace is lit be sure the flame is bright blue and not orange and its important to replace your air filters before the cold sets in.