Car Burglars Hit Springs Neighborhood

Vehicles Vandalized
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Broken glass and shattered nerves. It's what several people on the 3100 block of Poughkeepsie Drive woke up to early Monday morning. Police say thieves broke into at least 6 cars, breaking windows, leaving hoods popped and gas tanks open on many of them. Dana Gilbreath was a victim. She says the burglars stole more than 1000 compact discs and electronic equipment from her car, but she's most concerned about what they took from her glove compartment.
"They stole my vehicle registration," said Gilbreath. "They took my insurance information and an ID card with my social security number on it."
Other neighbors reported similar items stolen, raising concern over identity theft. By Monday afternoon police did not have any suspects. Neighbors say they didn't catch a glimpse of the burglars which they estimate struck some time between midnight and 6:00 AM.
Police say rule of thumb, if you don't want it stolen, don't leave it in your car-- especially in plain sight. As for important documents, they say never leave ID cards or other documents that contain your social security number anywhere in your car. If you have any information to help police, call Crimestoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs, or 542-STOP in Pueblo. You don't have to give your name and you could earn a cash reward.