Crime on the Rise

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America got more violent last year.

The FBI's latest statistics are out and they show a rise of just over 2% in the violent crime rate. That's the first increase since 2001 for crimes including murder, robbery and rape. There were nearly 1.4 million victims.

The FBI figures come on the heels of warnings from police chiefs and mayors at a recent conference. They say they've been seeing spikes in violent crime this year. The nation's capital even declared a crime emergency over the summer.

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty says he wants to "spend more time" with the chiefs, who complain they need more help from federal law enforcement. McNulty says the stats for last year, plus what police are saying about this year, has federal officials remaining "vigilant." But he also warns that money is limited. His boss, the attorney general, noted earlier this month that the war on terror is still the top priority.

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