Pacifier Scare

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Parents give them all kinds of names, like "Binky." But a Peyton family had a "pacifier scare" with their baby. In this Call For Action Alert, Betty Sexton explains what you can do if you think a product's dangerous.

The last thing a pacifier is supposed to do is get stuck in a baby's mouth. But that's exactly what happened to six-month-old Dawson. Thankfully, his parents were nearby, so they immediately removed it. He's at that age where everything goes right into the mouth---whether it's his hand or a favorite toy.

Little Dawson loves his pacifier, but a few weeks ago he had quite a scare. His mother, Lori Harrell says, he somehow got it in backwards. The handle part, which is shaped like a "D," got stuck between his upper and lower gums. Dawson immediately started screaming and gasping for air. "It was scary, you know. We thought, 'What are we going to do to get it out?" Was he choking because he's crying? You know, he could be choking on his spit,'" she says. Lori says it took both her and her husband to remove the lodged pacifier. And by then, Dawson's mouth was sore.

She called the company, Evenflo, because she thought the Comfort Vent Pacifier's design should be changed. "I think other parents need to be aware of it and it's still on the shelves at the stores and everything. I just hope they'll do a recall on it," she says.

Lori says Evenflo promised to send another pacifier without handles, and report the problems to its engineering department. We asked Lori to call the Consumer Product Safety Commission, since there are safety standards for pacifiers.

The CPSC not only took a report over the phone, but also promised to mail a copy to Lori and to Evenflo, and then investigate the potential hazard.

Evenflo is required by law to tell the CPSC about Dawson's incident, as well as report any action it might take. It'll be a few weeks before Lori hears anything, we'll keep you posted.

If you experience a problem with a product and think it violates safety standards or contains a defect, call the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Its' job to make sure dangerous items aren't available to harm others.

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission info:
  • 1-800-638-2772
  • Click here for web site