Attempted Burglary Injures One

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A man confronts two burglars trying to break into his home and wrestles one of the suspects to the ground, but the two men got away. It happened late Saturday night on the 5200 block of Weaver Drive. That's near Peterson and Barnes.

Neighbors said there have been numerous burglaries in the past few months. Police said they were able to arrest at least one man in those cases, but the burglaries continue to happen and that's why Dominic DeCasper took matters into his own hands.

He heard someone trying to open his front door. He thought it was his girlfriend coming home, but when he opened the door... “I saw 2 males who were all covered up and for a split second, they were shocked like me." The two suspects started running and DeCasper ran after them, wrestling one to the ground. “He pulled out pipe and hit me with it."

He's got the gash above his left eye and grass stains on his shirt to prove it. Despite DeCasper's efforts, both suspects got away. He's just glad his girlfriend wasn't home at the time because he thinks the suspects would've gotten inside their home. "If a kid answered the door or her (girlfriend), they would've 'bumrushed' the kid or my girl... Someone needs to take a stand."

The suspect description is vague, since the two men were dressed head to toe in black and had bandanas over their faces. But, police are looking for two black males believed to be in their mid 20's.

If you know anything about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or at 542-STOP in Pueblo.