Bug Detectors

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One local security camera expert says there's a simple way to find out if someone's spying on you in your own home.

Most of us have seen surveillance cameras in stores. They're always in plain view. But when it comes to hiding one, the laws get a little tougher.

They come in all shapes and sizes. You can hide cameras in pens, smoke detectors, even cell phones. But when it comes to using them, there are some legal "ins and outs."

"Definitely not in bathrooms or anything related to bathrooms, such as showers and locker rooms." Vic Sauget from Palmvid in Colorado Springs says, adult bedrooms are another area off-limits.

And while cameras are easy to hide, Sauget says they're just as easy to find. So-called "bug detectors" can alert you to hidden microphone and camera signals. Sauget says one of his best sellers is a little pocket bug detector/camera detector that sells for less than $40.

Here's how you use this device. You just turn it on and start scanning the room. Then you can find a hidden camera just about anywhere. The beeping sound gets louder and louder as you get closer to the hidden camera.

Sauget says the bug detectors are very popular among people who travel, live in apartments, and are suspicious about their surroundings.

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