Wolf Rescue Reopens

A business wiped out by the Hayman Fire has finally bounced back. The fire swept through the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center last summer causing an emergency evacuation of the center's 12 wolves.

Now, the center's new facility has opened in Florissant. The problem is, the shelter is still being given more wolves, and wolf hybrids than it can handle. Many people try to take in the animals and tame them as pets, and when that fails, they take them to a shelter like this one.

Darlene Kobobel is the owner and operator at the rescue, which she opened 10 years ago. She discovered then, that wolves can be difficult animals to care for. Kobobel says the animals will kill cats, they are very territorial and they do not get along with other dogs. Plus, she says, they often tear up the house, and they're not very trainable. In the first week she was open, Kobobel already took in 17 animals.

Because wolves and hybrids are so hard to care for, all of the shelters in the state that take them in, are full. The sad statistic is, of the 250,000 animals shelters across the country, 80% won't make it to their 3rd birthdays.

Kobobel says people who do have success training, and taming wolf mixes are probably dealiing with a low-percentage wolf.

The new Wolf and Wildlife Center opens next Saturday, June 28th.