Son Shoots Father

An eleven year old boy from Fountain is in police custody, accused of attempted murder and juvenile possesion of a handgun after he tried to shoot his father.

The boy, whose name was not released because of his age, allegedly fired five shots at his father after an argument over household chores. He waited in the family's living room with the gun for his father to return, and when he did, the boy opened fire.

The father, who is a Colorado Springs Police officer was hit by a bullet in the chest, but it didn't break his skin. He was treated and released from Memorial Hospital.

The boy will spend a mandatory five days in custody. The District Attorney's Office will then review the case and determine the final filing of charges.

Police say the gun, which was not locked up, was not the officer's service gun. It was a .357 handgun.

The officer's name is not being reported to protect the identity of the child.