Building Permits

For many people, summertime means home improvement time. But, what many don't know, is many types of improvements require a building permit.

The permits, from the Regional Building Department are meant to ensure public safety, and that a job gets done correctly. They apply to most structural improvements. That includes things like: decks, gazebos, and even finishing a basement.

A good rule of thumb to follow, is if the work is cosmetic, you don't need a permit, unless the work is structural.

To get a permit, there is an inspection process to make sure to work is done right, and according to city codes. If you are doing work without a permit, the Regional Building Department can order you to stop. And if the work is finished and they discover that it was never inspected, you might have problems selling your house in the future.

If the work is being done by you personally, it is your responsibility to get the permit. If a contractor is doing the work, then it's their responsibility to get the permit.

For more information on building permits, log onto the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department's website: