Stun Gun Attack

Stun Gun
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A Texas man is being held $50,000 bond after allegedly attacking an elderly Colorado Springs woman with a stun gun.

Springs Police arrested 44 year old Danny Bass in Aurora Friday morning. He's being investigated for second degree assault on an at-risk person, and attempted robbery.

The 77 year old woman told police she was mugged while walking
to her car from the Citadel Mall on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say the man shocked her repeatedly in the stomach, and tried to take her purse. The woman was able to hold onto the purse, but, she suffered a broken nose when she was thrown to the ground.

Bass left the scene in a waiting car, which the woman was able to describe to police

Bass was reportedly working for a traveling carnival that was set up in the mall parking lot. He was fired on Tuesday, the day before the attack.