Unexplained Colorado

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Many people claim to have proof that ghosts and other entities exist.

People send countless videotapes and pictures to paranormal investigators each year.

But in some cases there is more than meets the eye.

One simple way to do that is by using this.

T's called flash paper.

When you light it, it disappears into thin air, leaving no residue behind, when captured on video, it makes people wonder what they just saw.

Unxplainable flashes of light, or are they? What you're looking at is actually flashpaper, designed to fool the viewer into thinking there's an unexplainable presence caught on tape.

Bryan Bonner and mark manning are paranormal investigators, they've looked at hundreds of pictures and video tapes over the years.

Here's an example of an old-fashioned hollywood trick, a ghostly figure floating through the room.

All you need is a makeshift ghost, piece of plexiglass, a flashlight, and voila, instant ghost. How about orbs? Bonner and manning say they can easily be created too.

This trick is similar to the last one, they just shook a featherduster in front of the lens, and instant orbs.

When it comes to photos, Bonner and manning say most times they-re not faked, the problem results when someone gets their film developed and isn't sure how a certain image got on their picture.

Bonner says there are several explanations, most often, operator error.

He says mysterious lights like these really aren't so mysterious, just a bi-product of light.

Even though Bonner and manning say hauntings are possible, they haven't found any convincing evidence just yet, but they say they'll keep looking.

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