Fire Marshal Controversy


A local fire marshal is accused of responding to an emergency at Lewis Palmer High School, with the smell of alcohol on his breath.

Raymond Blake works for the Woodmoor Monument Fire Protection District located just north of Colorado Springs. Now, he is being investigated by the board that oversees that district.

The assistant principal of Lewis Palmer wrote a letter, dated June 5th, to one of the board members about his concerns. According to Alexis Miller's letter several staff members detected the smell of alcohol on Blake's breath. It also says there have three other occasions that the same thing has happened. Miller also says he reported the incident to Fire Chief Dave Youtsey the same day.

Board President Bob Browning says they did not discuss the allegations until last Monday, June 9th at their meeting. He adds, now the board is investigating. Brown says Fire Marshal Blake has not been suspended, but he is currently not allowed to drive the district's vehicles or respond to fires.

Chief Browning says the "smell" of alcohol is not illegal, and what was on Blake's breath could have just been mouthwash. But, he adds, the board has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol.