Local Reaction To Crocodile Hunter's Death

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During the crocodile hunter’s 20 year career, Steve Irwin touched many lives, including one couple who lives here in Colorado Springs.

Ron and De Farley run the Mountain Aire Reptile Rescue, caring for more than 100 animals,like this albino pythons, iguanas and caimans. They travel around, educating the public about these creatures, similar to what the crocodile hunter did. "It was a shock; I didn't believe it," Ron said. The couple tears up when they talk about Irwin’s sudden death.

Captivating audiences around the world with his wildlife adventures, the couple says, the crocodile hunter influenced millions and raised awareness that not all reptiles are dangerous.
He created a sort of love for some of the unloved. Steve Irwin became an icon in the reptile community and a role model for Ron and De. Ron said, "He would do silly things, things to remember him."

There's not a whole lot of people who share in this kind of love for reptiles. Ron and De said the crocodile hunter's death is like losing one of their own. "I think through his efforts, he's done a lot for reptiles and for wildlife. It’s sad he's gonna be gone," said De.

They hope that the crocodile hunter's legacy lives on. Apparently, the company Steve Irwin worked for might start a fund in his honor, supporting wildlife conservation and protection.