Family of Missing Woman Comes to Colorado Springs to Help Search

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The wife of a Fort Carson soldier has mysteriously disappeared and now, the Army is working to bring her husband home from Iraq to help in the search.

Her family told 11 News they weren't getting the answers they needed over the phone, so they drove from Atlanta to try and find her. No one has heard from 24-year-old Kristen McCartney since last Friday.

Her mom says she had been calling home several times a day to check on her 1-year-old daughter, who has been staying with family.

The Army has been investigating her disappearance since Tuesday. They say they have some new leads, but the family isn't convinced it will lead them to their daughter.

"I hope she's out there alive and safe. If someone has her, I hope they understand we drove all the way from Atlanta and we're not going home without her," said Kristen's mother, Linda Carter.

11 News has learned Kristen's credit card may have been used on Saturday in Colorado Springs.

The Army is also going over surveillance video from an ATM near Denver, where Kristen's card was used last week.