Springs Home Constantly Flooded

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Parts of Southern Colorado are still recovering after this week's severe thunder storms but imagine having to brace your house for flooding every time it rains. That's life for Wynona Benjamin. At the first sign of a sprinkle, Benjamin, who lives at 812 Yuma Street, puts up a wooden barrier and heavy sandbags at the front of her driveway.
"The water from the north of me comes down the road and floods my house," said Benjamin. "I can't go anywhere when it's going to rain."
Below street level, Benjamin's house had always let in a little water, but Benjamin says the real trouble began 5 years ago when The Salvation Army built property to her north.
"It was in the City Engineer's plans to put storm drains near the Salvation Army, but it never happened," said Benjamin.
According to Colorado Springs City Representative Sue Blumberg, city engineers are conducting a storm water drainage study which will help determine if the city is responsible for Benjamin's flooding problems, and whether or not to install more storm drains.
Benjamin says up to 4 inches of water have flooded her home, eroding her foundation, buckling her floors and ruining her base heaters.
"I've lost so many things from my home and I have no heat."
Damages Benjamin estimates total $40-50,000 which she hopes the city will help compensate. For now Benjamin relies on her home-made flood barriers and prayers to keep her home dry. She says she knows it will take time for the city complete its study, but in the meantime,
"I think they should be here during a rainstorm."
The city says it is seeking resolution to Benjamin's problem which they say goes hand-in-hand with the city's pending storm water drainage initiative and funding that may fix problems like Benjamin's.