Hurricane Forecast

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The hurricane forecast team at Colorado State University has reduced its outlook of this year's hurricane season.

In their second downward revision in a month, the team said it expects only five hurricanes, two less than previously forecasted. They predict two hurricanes will be intense.

They say there's a 59 percent probability that a hurricane will hit the U.S. coastline this month, and a 35 percent chance that it will be an intense one, but even with the downgraded outlook, forecaster William Gray says residents along the coastline should always be prepared for major storms.

Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center in Miami says Tropical Storm Ernesto was to be downgraded to a rain storm.

Hurricane John is forcing evacuations in the Pacific. The CSU team has predicted 13 named storms. Last month, the team called for 15 named storms to form in the Atlantic basin this year, down by two from their prediction in May.