Sexually Violent Predator Moves to Peterson AFB

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David Strate is a husband, father, lives on Peterson Air Force Base, and as people at a base community meeting learned Thursday night, he's also a Sexually Violent Predator. Some in attendance like Becky Stoefen say they're concerned.
"I have an 8-year-old daughter," said Stoefen. "I don't feel comfortable letting her out in the yard anymore."
But how Strate became a Sexually Violent Predator may surprise some. In July of 2000, after 6 months of phone and Internet contact, Strate met his would be victim in person at a hotel room in Virginia. According to Strate what happened next shocked him.
"We had a physical encounter and then the police showed up," said Strate, who goes on to say that is when he found out the girl who admittedly claimed to be 18, was actually 14. Strate was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor and served 1 year probation.
"What I did was wrong," said Strate. "But I don't think I deserve everything I'm going through now."
"Now" started July 1 when a new Virginia law re-classified Strate as a Sexually Violent Predator for his past crime-- a crime if committed in Colorado, may have had different consequences according to Sue Prendinger with the Colorado Springs Police Department.
"I don't know if he'd be a Sexually Violent Predator by our standards," said Prendinger.
But since Strate is considered one in Virgina, Colorado agrees, and those at Thursday's meeting say they're glad they know he is. David Strate's home address is 541 Mitchell Street, Peterson Air Force Base.