Ft. Carson Soldier's Wife Missing

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The wife of a Fort Carson soldier serving in Iraq is missing.

When her husband deployed in October, 24-year-old Kristen McCartney and her 1-year-old daughter had moved home to Atlanta to be with her family for the time he was away.

Kristen flew back to Colorado Springs January 12 to close out her apartment on post since her husband will be in Iraq for a year. But when closing day came on Tuesday, Kristen was nowhere to be found.

Family and friends had been calling the military police on post saying it had been several days since they'd heard from Kristen, and when she missed that appointment, suspicions began to rise. Fort Carson launched an official investigation on Wednesday.

Her mom says Kristen had been calling home to Atlanta several times a day to check on her 1-year-old daughter, who is staying with family while she came back to close her apartment.

But, the calls stopped coming on Friday, January 16. Tuesday was Kristen's birthday.

"I'm worried, really worried because it's not like her at all. She wouldn't disappear and not call anybody," said her friend Patricia Vaught.

The Army is trying to get Private First Class Evan McCartney back to Colorado Springs to help find his wife.

Kristen was last seen wearing a black and white coat. She was driving a tan 1999 Toyota Corolla with Florida license plate F685QY.

The Army Criminal Investigations Command also have information that her ATM card was used near Denver since she's been missing. Detectives are attempting to recover any possible surveillance video from the ATM to see who used Kristen's ATM card.

There are several pictures of Kristen McCartney attached to this article. If you've seen Kristen or have any information on where she might be, please call any local law enforcement agency.