More Troubles on I-70

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Westbound Interstate 70 was closed to heavy trucks on Friday as state crews continue to check a soft spot near the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Trucks more than 26,000 pounds are being diverted over Loveland Pass while workers examine a culvert under the highway for erosion.

Earlier in the week Transportation Department crews discovered gaps in the soil under a paved parking area just west of the tunnel. Officials say tests Friday showed there were fewer gaps than indicated -- and that none extended under the traffic lanes of the highway.

The work came about a week after a sinkhole the size of a bus opened up in the westbound lane of Interstate 70 on the west side of Vail Pass, about 85 miles west of the Eisenhower Tunnel. In that case, floodwaters washed out a culvert, causing erosion under the road.

Because of that, transportation officials say other culverts are also being checked.