Councilman Small Sways on ID Checks

Homeland Security
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There is new information about the controversy over showing identification to get into Colorado Springs city buildings. One council member tells 11 News he wants to change the city's procedure that forces people to show ID before entering certain city owned facilities.

Three weeks ago, Colorado Springs city council member Larry Small strongly stood behind the city's sign-in procedure. This, after Douglas Bruce said it was a violation of the constitution. But on Friday, Councilman Small said he has changed his mind, and he plans to fight for change. "We shouldn't have the sign in. We shouldn't have the ID for City Administration Building and City Hall," said Small.

When asked what made him change his strong opinions, he offered this response: "The about face I have is that whenever I looked at what we were doing, and I looked at what the basis for doing it is, we don't have a basis for an ordinance to do this. We're using the Homeland Security Manual as a basis for implementing security procedures, and those have no legal binding right on the city of Colorado Springs. So without the basis for it, there can be no support for it," said Small.

We gave Douglas Bruce the opportunity to address Council member Small. "Even though his name is 'Small,' it takes a big man to be willing to admit that he made a mistake publicly and to correct his mistake."

But even though Mr. Small changed his mind, the sign-in procedure is still in place. That's why Bruce says his fight has just begun. "There is an attorney, the best known civil rights attorney in the state, who is going to be sending a letter to the city council next week expressing those concerns and telling them they must stop this identification policy forthwith, or the city will be sued in federal court promptly."

The city council plans to discuss this issue on June 24th.